GDP Advogados Associados law firm’s history goes back to 1976.

The main purpose of our office is to provide the most accurate legal counselling and to represent national and international companies as well as individuals in an effective way, through swift and personalised contact, guaranteeing legal advice and representation in multiple jurisdictions and several languages, including through participation in LIBRALEX EEIG.

With our dimension, we can offer close and personalized legal assistance to our clients, taking into account the specific requirements of each client and each matter.

The legal counselling provided is of the highest quality standard, with competitive legal fees, at national and international level, serving the commercial necessities of our clients and meeting their cultural diversity.

Our lawyers have several language skills, namely English, French, German and Italian.

GDP Advogados aims to offer a wide range of quality legal services in a professional way, having as main objectives:

Our office has a special focus on the expansion of the European Internal Market and the consequent evolution of the commercial relationships, as well as on the new international challenges resulting of the growing complexity of the commercial and personal relationships worldwide.

We have an innovative vision in this respect, regarding the creation and the expansion of contacts and international networks, whether through the participation in certain European and international associations, or through the membership of Libralex EEIG made out of a network of law firms from several European jurisdictions, the USA, Brazil, Lebanon and China. Our presence in Libralex also enables clients to have access to fast legal services, in an effective manner and with a guarantee of high quality in any of those jurisdictions.

Currently GDP Advogados is mostly focused in Commercial and Corporate Law, Transport Law, Trade Law, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Private Client assistance.

GDP Advogados is a team of young and dynamic lawyers, with a vast experience and consolidated knowledge acquired from their practice, particularly in the above mentioned areas of law.


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